June 14, 2017

It does not matter

If you jumped

Or if you were pushed

What matters

Is that once you’re off that ledge

Once you have no choice

The tight wet wings

That have been clenched

Against your sides

For years and years and years


And catch the breeze

June 14, 2017

Here is a delicious way to wake up every morning–I call it bed yawning.

As you sleep, your body and joints are primarily still for a long period, so when you stretch first thing in the morning, you wake up all of those muscles and get the synovial fluid in your joints (kind of like oil lube for your joints) moving.  Your blood starts pumping, your brain says “Ok.  Time to wake up and move.”  And it just feels yummy.


It’s like tuning an instrument after it’s been lying still for awhile.

Animals do this instinctually.  We have to sometimes remind ourselves of our animal nature.

Bed Yawning is a gentle way to start your day because it reminds you to stay present in your body and to notice the delicious moments that...

June 14, 2017

When we engage our senses and open our senses to experience what is in front of us, it is a direct connection to the Divine. Like a one way ticket, like a jet engine, like a sound wave, like a lightening bolt–I think you get the idea. Right now choose something to notice–maybe a bouquet of flowers in front of you or a tree out your window. Now, really look at the flowers noticing their color, their shape, their exquisite detail. Then smell them inhaling their subtle or hopefully bold fragrance. And touch the soft petals, stroke the petals along your cheek feeling their delicate silkiness. Of course, tasting the flower is not a good idea and listening to the flowers is also tricky but maybe some of you can hear the vibration of t...

June 14, 2017


Fun is a state of mind. Right now just say the word fun. Say, “I’m having fun.”

Even if you’re cleaning up your dog’s poo or paying bills, just try it. See how just the invitation, just the inkling of FUN affects you.  Fun.  Fun. Fun.


And the thing about fun is that it’s attractive. People are drawn to fun like flies to honey. You’ve known a person that enters the room and suddenly the party starts. Surrounded by people, it’s almost as if they have an internal glow. Don’t you just hate those people?

No, seriously, they are no more attractive, successful, or loving than you. They have one thing that you may have forgotten.

They have their fun button turned on.  Now, you may thi...

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