Bed Yawning for Achy Joints

June 14, 2017

Here is a delicious way to wake up every morning–I call it bed yawning.

As you sleep, your body and joints are primarily still for a long period, so when you stretch first thing in the morning, you wake up all of those muscles and get the synovial fluid in your joints (kind of like oil lube for your joints) moving.  Your blood starts pumping, your brain says “Ok.  Time to wake up and move.”  And it just feels yummy.



It’s like tuning an instrument after it’s been lying still for awhile.

Animals do this instinctually.  We have to sometimes remind ourselves of our animal nature.



Bed Yawning is a gentle way to start your day because it reminds you to stay present in your body and to notice the delicious moments that happen throughout the day–little miracles happening all around you every moment of the day–all you have to do is notice.




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