Senses: Portals to the Divine

June 14, 2017





When we engage our senses and open our senses to experience what is in front of us, it is a direct connection to the Divine. Like a one way ticket, like a jet engine, like a sound wave, like a lightening bolt–I think you get the idea. Right now choose something to notice–maybe a bouquet of flowers in front of you or a tree out your window. Now, really look at the flowers noticing their color, their shape, their exquisite detail. Then smell them inhaling their subtle or hopefully bold fragrance. And touch the soft petals, stroke the petals along your cheek feeling their delicate silkiness. Of course, tasting the flower is not a good idea and listening to the flowers is also tricky but maybe some of you can hear the vibration of the flowers. Now looking at the bouquet just take it in. Just receive the beauty. Drink it in as if you  are filling yourself up with the colors and vibrancy and aroma. Breath it in. Complete and utter appreciation. When we do this, we accept the entire bouquet. We don’t notice the slight browning on a petal or the bumps on the stem or the wilted leaf floating in the water. We accept all of it. All of it’s perfect imperfections. And like a tuning fork, that resonates with our own perfect imperfections. We see the bouquet’s Divine beauty. These flowers like us are the Divine made manifest. If singing is like praying twice then appreciating something is like praying three times. We sing the glory of the Divine with our eyes and ears and nose and tongue and hands. Don’t you see that you are like this bouquet? You are beautiful exactly the way you are. See the beauty in the flowers, see the beauty in yourself. See the beauty in yourself, see the beauty in others. It is really that simple. You are the glory of the Divine made manifest. Wew, breath that in! Every hair on your head has been counted (this is a paraphrased bible quote). That’s A LOT of counting! Unless you are bald then every potential hair has been counted. That is how worthy you are. So shine brightly like a bouquet of flowers with all of your perfect imperfections because as a whole you are only one thing–precious.




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