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Only using your gray crayon? Discover how you can use all your crayons--the really big box!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I'm talking about the really big BIIIIG box of 152 colors.

When we are dealing with a problem or situation in our lives, our vision tends to narrow. Everything looks gray and not the Shades of Gray get your juices flowing kind of gray. We try to see the pinks and blues and yellows but we are pulled back to only seeing the problem before us.

Want to use all of your colors? Here’s the thing. All 152 colors are right there in front of us but we have problem vision. We can only think about the problem and talk about the problem and join chat groups about the problem -- gray crayon! Gray crayon! Gray crayon!

Guided Rest allows the brain to rest. The brain waves slow down and in this aware relaxed state, possibilities begin to emerge. The blue crayon, the yellow crayon, colors we hadn't even thought of begin to pop up out of the box. Eventually we realize that we can use the purple crayon and the magenta crayon and the teal blue crayon. Our problem vision expands to see that there are 151 other colors available. We realize that other colors may even solve the problem better than the gray.

We can’t solve a problem from the same place as the problem.

The solution can’t come from the same gray crayon. We need pinks and reds and oranges or greens. Guided Rest gently allows our blinders to open and see more that just the gray crayon.

In a place of deep relaxation, the brain has access to creative solutions. It has access to ah ha moments. Only focusing on the problem just gives us one thing--a gray world.

Coming to a place of conscious rest allows solutions to rise to the surface. Solutions that seem to come from a higher Source because we are connecting to a Higher Source. It's as if an angel gently takes the gray crayon from our hand and replaces it with the perfect crayon that we need.

And we are grateful for this Divine download.

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